In the Valencia Region, fireworks are one of the basic components of this festivity, used in a variety of formats and displays. The origin of the use of pyrotechnics dates back to Moorish times in Valencian territories (ca. 711-1238), when the foundations of the pyrotechnics tradition were laid.

The events programme of the Fallas festivity therefore gives special prominence to fireworks, including local inventions such as the mascletà (a thick firecracker) or the tro de bac (round firecrackers thrown on the ground to explode).

Professional pyrotechnic engineers today are a mixture of alchemist and scientist, commanding the magic of gunpowder and explosions. They give the festivity a kind of acoustics that makes people’s hearts thump in a surprising way, mixing colour and sound in perfect equilibrium.

Thanks to their skills, during the Fallas festivity, Valencia is filled with clouds of smoke that envelop the visitor in a totally unique experience.