The Fallas festivity generates a wealth of written heritage. This comes in a variety of literary genres associated with the festival (theatre, poetry, oratories, narratives, etc.), which help popular and traditional literature to survive and be conveyed to others in its own Valencian vernacular. In fact, the Fallas have helped to preserve the language of the Valencians, even during the Franco period when its public use was frowned on and even prohibited.

Today, we can still read the captions at the bottom of each Falla ninot in the form of satirical verses which, like scenes from a movie, give free reign to criticism and comments on current issues. All these verses are part of an overall script of the scenes of the central theme of the Falla. This theme of course changes every year, and there are as many subjects as there are Fallas erected around the city.

Historical research on the festivity (through the Fallas books, or llibrets, and press publications) give us an idea of the importance of the Fallas in society and their evolution over the decades.