Heritage refers to the legacy from the past that we enjoy in the present, derived from our predecessors and passed on to future generations. This legacy is part of our identity and contributes to today’s society as an integral part of our daily lives.


The Fallas festivity of Valencia is unique. It’s a festivity with a Mediterranean flavour that involves thousands of men and women who contribute their collective creativity to it every year. For just a few days in the month of March, this festival converts Valencian towns and cities into ephemeral street art museums celebrating the arrival of spring.

Music, gunpowder, traditional clothing, joy and passion, teamwork and sociability, the ritual of purifying fire, colours, and warm welcomes to all who come to visit are part of the picture… These are only a few of the ingredients that make this festivity something totally unique. The creative values and ritual practices of the Fallas, which have been reinforced each year for decades and decades, have met all the requirements for classification as UNESCO intangible heritage of mankind