Fallas Commissions follow rituals that are repeated every year, such as the plantà (construction) and the cremà (burning) of their ephemeral sculptures, and they also generate all kinds of entertainment and social activities.

The casal, or local Fallas headquarters, is the place where this festivity is organised in each neighbourhood. There are no differences in age, gender, social status or origin within the casal. This is where each Fallas Commission is born – of which there are over 700 in the Valencia Region.

Internally, the members of these Commissions, known as Falleros and Falleras, are structured into work teams in charge of social, cultural and festive activities for a period of twelve months.

The activities of a Fallas Commission are not confined to the main days of the festivity, however. During the rest of the year they organise many other things, like theatre performances, traditional dances, sports tournaments, playbacks, exaltation of their Fallas Queens, monthly meetings, kid’s parties, writing and publishing the llibret (the Fallas book), or visits to the Fallas craft workshop, as well as other social and cultural activities.